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 Choosing the right mortgage solution can be an overwhelming task. At Central Mortgage, we take the time to learn about your unique situation and future financial goals. Then strive to get you a mortgage from our panel of lenders that best suits your individual needs.

Whether it's your first home, refinance of your existing mortgage(s) or your 3rd investment property. At Central Mortgage we help you to get the right solution sorted.


As a homeowner, a lower interest rate should be the goal as it allows you to reduce debt quicker. Letting your interest rate increase over time means that it will take longer to get out of debt.

Borrowing more and more at higher interest rates means you will be in debt for longer, making the banks more profit.

We offer all of our client’s free reviews of their current lending and it’s not that hard for us to run a review. Just send us your current rate and loan balance and we will check if you could be doing better. Yes, we will take swap costs into the equation not just compare rates before giving you our recommendations.

Having lower interest rates and smaller loans is the sole and only way forward and puts you in the best possible place to deal with future changes.

Send us your current rate and loan balance today and we will check if you could be doing better. Just click start application to get started.

Getting the right mortgage for you means your situation and your needs can ultimately be met, with a mortgage that could save you thousands of dollars and take years off you having got or stayed in the wrong mortgage.


We are committed to adding value to your decision, either meet in our office or take advantage of our mobile service to you at a time and place that suits. You can sit back as we guide you through the entire process, from start to finish. We want to make sure you are happy with the end result.

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